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12" W. x 999"Str x 0.078", CWP, No. SMV12, Ref: 2331




Maximum stock width.....................12"
Maximum stock thickness.................0.078"
Maximum feed length.....................999.999"
Passline height from base plate.........8.50"
Feed roll diameter(2)..................2.00"
Feed dimensions.........................21" w x 17" h x 21" dp
(Depth incl.14" long entry cascade frame)
Control enclosure dimensions............13" w x 12" h x 10" dp
Voltage.................................110 Volt/1PH/60

Coilmate/Dickerman servo driven roll feeds are state-of-the-art devices

meeting modern production demand for delivering coil stock material to power

presses and other operations with unprecedented speed and accuracy. To

achieve highest output rates, all related equipment must be compatible with

feed capabilities. The press or related device must be able to achieve the

desired stroke per minute rate in the mode of operation necessary to the

application, whether continuous or single stroke. Tooling must allow an

adequate portion of the press cycle to be available for the feeding function.

Roll release provisions must be compatible with both the press and the feed as

well as meet production rate requirements. Payoff and straightening equipment

must sustain both the linear output and response rates necessary to support

the feed. Adequate slack material must be furnished and controlled properly.

There is no substitute for a fully coordinated coil handling and feeding

system in meeting these considerations and thus achieving optimum


PRODUCTION RATES: Based on 180 of Press Cycle

Feed Length.......Strokes per Minute
12" ..............72
18" ..............53

Note:Above production rates require back line equipment to be able to provide

adequate slack material. To achieve full rates quoted, optional straightener

drive package may be required. Based on passline height of feed, a looping pit

may also be required for adequate slack material. Consult factory if you have

any questions regarding equipment application.

Note:Consult factory for production rates in excess of 100 strokes per minute

where roll lift is required.


1.The feed is powered by a high performance, brush less servomotor.
2.Monitoring is accomplished with a low inertia optical encoder, a technique

crucial to high speed positioning accuracy.
3.The lower roll is driven by a precision gear reduction for power and

accuracy superior to direct or belt driven models.
4.Cluster gearing between lower and upper feed rolls ensures proper mesh

throughout the full capacity range of stock thickness.
5.Full width feed rolls are hardened and smooth ground for long wear, and

material protection.
6.Feed rolls are opened and closed by air cylinders, avoiding stock thickness

7.A feed-mounted roll release eases stock threadup.
8.Solenoid operated valving enables automatic roll release for piloted

9.Cascade rolls support the material in a gradual arc as it enters the feed

to avoid stock distortion.
10.Quick-release, cam lock edge guides with hand levers require no tools for

stock width adjustments.
11.Under slung mounting of the feed motor enables compact feed dimensions for

easy press attachment in a confined space.


1.A tactile membrane keypad provides the operator with an actual "feel" for

data input.
2.An 80-character, alphanumeric readout is of the LCD type for highly legible

display of operating data.
3.The slant top pedestal mounted display provides operator prompting and

extensive fault diagnostic messages.
4.ServoMatic feeds are built in compliance with ANSI B11.18 standards, which

have been adopted by OSHA as safety guidelines for coil processing machinery.
5.A batch count feature enables automatic shutoff after completion of a

preset number of feed lengths.
6.A job memory provision enables preprogramming and recall of length and

speed parameters for up to 500 different jobs.
7.Hand held remote jog pendant is standard with forward and reverse jog

provisions and 10'of coiled cord to facilitate thread-up.
8.Jog-to-length function provides manual jogging to a preset feed length,

thus providing ease of setup in complex progressive tooling applications.
9.Positive or negative feed progressions can be programmed for push and/or

pull applications.
10.Feed length adjustments in increments of +/-.001" can be accomplished in

the automatic mode while in motion.
11.Simple inch/metric display by operator choice eliminates manual data

conversion data.
12.State-of-the-art, optically isolated, inputs and outputs are standard.
13.A true closed loop control system dictates precision accuracy.
14.A "cycle stop" provision enables completion of the length in progress,

while the emergency stop button calls for instant shutoff.


Adjustable mounting bracket for up to 3" of die line
height adjustment..........$ 650.00

Matte chrome finish feed rolls to provide added
traction and roll finish protection.......$ 1120.00

Central lubrication system with all critical lubrication
points plumbed to a common manifold with a single
application fitting for ease of maintenance.....$ 750.00

220/1/60........No Charge


Warranty is two years from date of shipment to the original

purchaser, unless otherwise noted in the body of the quote. For
additional details refer to section 15 of the Terms and Conditions
of sale.

Wenco Machinery Corp. will extend a 2% discount if two or more feeds are
bought at the same time.

When you decide to purchase this equipment, make the Purchase order to:

Wenco Machinery Corp
355 Margaret King Ave
Ringwood, NJ 07456

and specify:
Direction of Feed

Wenco Machinery Corp
355 Margaret King Ave Ringwood NJ 07456-1415
Tel: 888-439-3626 Fax: 973-657-9661
Email (Request Quote):

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