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I. Specification
1. Thickness 0.25-1.0mm
2. Width 600-1,250mm
3. Coil Entry Coil Weight MAX.25T/C
Entry Coil OD/ID 2,150/508(610)?
Exit Coil Weight MAX.15T/C
Exit Coil OD/ID 1,850/508?
4.Line Speed Entry 20-130m/min
Center 20-100m/min(thin gauge is 130m/min)
Exit 20-130m/min
5. Line Length 174.4m(Strip Length:400m when Accumulator is 0m)
6. Furnace Capacity 17.22T/Hr(0.4tx914w)MAX.23T/Hr
t=0.8mm(Line Speed MAX 75m/M) After RTH Annealing, PMT700?
t=0.6mm(Line Speed MAX 100m/M) this result is above condition
t=1.2mm(Line Speed MAX 45m/M)
7. Production Capacity 10,000T/M
8. Type GI?GL(for color coating coil of building material)
II.Machine Specification
1. Coil Car 2S. Coil Lifter: Hydraulic Cylinder, Stroke 1320?,75?/sec
Run: by motor, self-propelled, stroke 9500?,100?/sec
2. Payoff Reel 2S. Overhang, 4segment, Single Mandrel, Light Pyramid Type Up

Reeling Out Only
Mandrel Size:508? (610? )x1,440?L Rubber Sleeve for 610?
Open and Close:520 -460 True Circle:508
3. Double Cut Shear 1S. Hydraulic, 1stroke, 1cutting type Off Gauge MAX.2.0?
Upper Pass: Down Cutting,Lower Pass: Up Cutting
Blade Size TH25mm x W70mm x L1,500mm
Cutting Area:max1.2mm x 1,250mm
4. Crop Treatment 1S. Side Shoot, Piling System MAX.5Ton
5. Welder 1S. Gate Type, Mash Seam Welder 100KVA Mitsubishi Electrics
Welding Point(WP)Mark:8? x1qt After Running, Pore Diameter Modified
Welding overlap setting:1.5/2.0/2.5mm
Electrode Disc, Special Cupper Alloy 200x15t Limit Consumption: 160
6. Side Trimmer 1S. Tight System(Entry Z type CPC included) Blade exchange:

Turn System Modified after operation began
7. Pretreatment Only Space Securement for future modification
8. Entry Accumulator 1S. Horizontal Type, Triple Loop Car System(Strip = 6

Effective Loop Length 36m x 6=221m(132sec at100mpm)
9. Continuous Heating Furnace 1S. Horizontal Type, Overall Length 69m, Hot

Bridle Roll Included
9. Continuous Heating Furnace 1S. Horizontal Type, Overall Length 69m, Hot

Bridle Roll Included
NOF Preheating 13m + Heating 9m =22m 3.6 x 106 Kcal/H
NOF Burner Capacity, 1 zone:300,000Kcal/H x6
2 zone:300,000Kcal/H x6 Total360Kcal/H
Burning Fan:80m3/M, 1,730mmAq, 37kw 4P 3 220V
Exaust Fan:200m3/M, 130mmAq, 11kw 4P 3 220V Exhaust Fan:VVVF Control
RTH Radiant Tube Heating 21m 1.4 x 106 Kcal/H Using Low NOX Burner
RTH Burner Capacity 1 zone:50,000Kcal/H x18
2 zone:50,000Kcal/H x10 Total140Kcal/H
Burning Fan:40m3/M 980mmAq 11kw 4P 3 220V
JC Jet Cooling 4.5m x 2=9m 400m3/min x 220?Aq x2
Circulation Fan:400m3/M 180mmAq 22kw 4P 3 220V Circulation Fan:VVVF Control
LTH(Low Temperature Holding Section) Electric Heating 15m 2005/3 AZ

Heating Capacity:60KW x3P=180KW Heating Capacity: modification to 146KW
TR Capacity:175KVA P220/S180V
10. Melting Pot 1S. Induction Heating Ceramic Pot 2000/7/20-8/5: 2set of

Inductor replacement
Capacity 170T,Inductor 550KW (275KWx2) Cost: 2set of Inductor=\18,760K
: Labor Cost =\8,500K
11. Zinc Input Device 1S. Chain Conveyor, Hanging Type, Vertical Input Type
12. YG Device 1S. Hitachi Original Type
G Device Sink Roll:650 ? x 1,500 ?w x 1
Y Roll :200 ? x 1,500 ?w x 1
:350 ? x 1,500 ?w x 1
Y Device Nozzle Effective Width:1,500 ?
Nozzle Angle: downward 0-10
Nozzle Slit:1.5-1.8?
Y Compressor Dry Screw Type x 1S. 2Kg/?2G x 3,980 Nm3/Hr, 235KW
HST Blower for Wiping Air Kawasaki Heavy Industry CO., LTD.(Main Body: HST

from Finland) 2002/12 Installation
Type: S2500-2-H
Motor: AC440V 60HZ 110KW 26,000 - 70,000rpm
Spec: Volume=2,340Nm3/h (20?,65%, at0.9kg/cm2
Discharge Pressure:1.2kg/cm2(MAX)
13. Zero Spangle Unit 1995/12/5 Installation: 1 Unit 1997 Stop 2005/3

Equipment Dismantlement after AZ modification
14. Cooling Zone 1S. Cooling Tower both Vertical and Horizontal zone
Cooling Fan: Turbo Fan 700?3/min x 200 ?Aq x3
15. Water Quench 1S. Water Quench: Nozzle Type, Ringer Roll:250? x2S
Dryer: Indirect Evaporation Heating System
Blower: Jet Type 150?3/min x 750?Aq x1
16. Skin Pass Mill 1S.4H Wet Type
W/R:325 ? ,BUP:650 ?
Roll Exchange: Side Slide Type(Hydraulic Cylinder) Modification of Threading

is possible
Hydraulic Downward Pressure: 400T (Hydraulic Pressure 210 Kg/cm2G)
Coefficient of Extension: MAX.1%(Dry Base) 2%(Expected Wet Base)
Anti-Crimping Roller: 200 ? (Only Entry Side)
Polisher: Hydraulic Trip Type, Brush Roll included Nylon Abrasive Grain 200?

Installation to Up-Down W/R
Quick opening/shutting system is attached Rotation by Hydraulic Motor
17. Tension Leveler 1S.6H Unactuated
W/R: 30 ? , IMR: 40? , BUP: 75 ?
Coefficient of Extension: MAX.1%,Tension: 14.6T
Quick opening/shutting system is attached
18. Aftertreatment 1S. Spray type simplified Chromating In 3rd term of AZ

modification, the machine was dismantled
19. Exit Accumulator 1S. Horizontal Type, Triple Loop Car System (Strip:8

streaks) In 1st term of AZ modification,
it modified to 8 streaks(2004/10/02)
Loop Car Run: Before Modification MAX33.6m
After Modification MAX25.5m, Effective Loop Length 22.5mx8=180m
20. Shear 1S. Up Cutting, Hydraulic Shearing, 1 stroke 1 cut type
Blade:T12? x W70? x L1500? Angle:140'
21. Sample Cropping 1S. Tilt Bucket,Drawing to out of line type
Sample Crop Length: 300?
Crop Wagon: Electric Self-Propelled, Loading Height: MAX.500?(200Kg)
22. Tension Reel 2S. Overhang, 4 Segment, Single Mandrel, Light Pyramid Type

Down Reeling Only
Mandrel Type: 508? (610? ) x L1440? 1 step scaling
508- 1,850 MAX Tension3.8ton
23. Belt Wrapper 1S. Swing Type mounted on Tension Reel
24. Coil Car 1S. Coil Lifter: Hydraulic Type, Stroke 1,320?,75?/sec
Run: Hydraulic Type, Stroke 5,500?,200/100?/sec
25. Measurement Device
1) Entry Thickness Measurement 2S. (for Up-Down Pass)Flying Micro Meter,

Before Entry Shear Anritsu
2) ZN Adherence Amount Measurement 1S. X-ray O/400 g/m2( 1g/m2) , Above

Cooling Tower (3rd Floor) Rigaku Electrics (High Temp Type)
3) Exit Thickness Measurement 1S. Americium 0/3 ?t( 4.7 m), Before Exit

Accumulator Toshiba TOSGAGE-1163
4) Width Measurement and Pin Hole Detector 1S. CCD Camera, Pin Hole 0.3 ?

,Width 1?, Before Exit Accumulator FUTEC
5) Zn Pot Molten Metal Analyzer 1S. Fluorescence X-ray

60KV,80mA(Continuous50mA) (Exit) Lab Room Rigaku Electrics Type3030
6) Weight Scaler 1S. Crane Scale 0-20ton Wireless (Exit)Crane Kubota Tekko
7) Annealing Furnace Measurement
A.Furnace Temperature Indicator 10S. Thermoelectric Couple
B.Strip Temperature Indicator 6S. Thermoelectric Couplex3S, Radiation

C.Furnace Pressure Indicator 1S.
D.Dew-point Meter 1S. Electric Capacity Type +10 to -60?(scale: +30 to -

70?) Nagano Keikki
E.Oxygen Analyzer 1S. Galvanic Battery System 0/100,1000,9950 PPM(automatic

change) Riken Keiki OX-180
F.CO Analyzer 1S. Infrared Single Beam Type, Semiconductor Detector Type

0/200 PPM Riken Keiki R1-201A
26. Exam Device
1) Electric Scaler 1S. ~310 g/0.001 g A&D
2) Flexibility Tester 1S. 0.25~1.0 ? adherence Fukagawa Kikai
3) Punching Press 1S. 15 Ton Ikuno Kikai
4) Motor Shear 1S. 3.2t x 1280W Aizawa Tekko

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