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SCHUMAG No. KZ-R-IV-B/450-40 COMBINED DRAWING MACHINE   Our stock number: 112470

Model: KZ-R- IV-B / 450 - 40

Drawing speed: 10~40m/min.

Material: 22~60mm

Cutting length: 2000~5000mm

Period operated: One(1) year (approx.)

Year built: 2007

Electrical System



2 Head Type Coil Stand
Horizontal Pre-Straightening Unit
Vertical Type Pre-Straightening Unit
Horizontal Type Pre-Straightening Unit (L 4 & R 5 Rolls)
Vertical Type Pre-Straightening Unit (Upper 3 & Lower 4 Rolls)
Vertical Type Pre-Straightening Unit (Upper 4 & Lower 5 Rolls)
Horizontal Type Pre-Straightening Unit (L 5 & R 4 Rolls)
Push Pointer
Combined Drawing Machine Proper with Main motor 475HP(356.25kw)with Inverter
Vertical Type Main Straightening Unit (Upper 4 & Lower 3 Rolls)
Horizontal Type Main Straightening Unit (L 3 & R 4 Rolls)
Feeding Pinch Roll
Hydraulic Type Shear Cutting Unit
Intermediate Pipe Receiving Table
8 Nozzle Polishing Unit(Motor 200HP(150kw))
Pinch Roll for parting products delivery
Delivery table
Product storage part
Operation Panel (Touch panel type)
Spare Parts

Machine disassemnbled and warehouse

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