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4000mm (156") x 1" (25mm) BYARD 3000 API PW SPIRAL PIPE MILL   Our stock number: 112997

4000mm (156 ) x 1 (25mm) BYARD 3000 API PW SPIRAL PIPE MILL

Year - 2009
Model - Byard 3000 API PW Spiral Pipe Mill
Pipe Diameter Range - 24" (610mm) - 156" (4,000mm)
Pipe Thickness Range - .190" (5mm) - 1" (25mm)
Pipe Length - 6 Meter Min - up to 20 Meter
Strip Width Range - 1,000mm - 2,000mm
Coil OD - 2200mm
Coil ID - 711mm
Coil Weight Max - 40 MT
Steel Grade - up to S355JF 25mm up to X70 22mm
Max Welding Speed - up to 2,000mm/min at 8-10mm w/t. 54" Diameter Pipe
Input Material Range
Width: 1,000mm (40") - 2,000mm (80")
OD: 2,200mm (88")
ID: 711mm (30")
Weight; 40 MT
Pipe Length: 20m

Coil Delivery Buggy and Coil Support Station

Helix Angle Positioning System
Helix Angle: 45 - 82 Degrees

Push Down Roller
200mm Diameter

Feed-In Drive Station
Flame Hardened Feed-In Rolls Diameter: 325mm
Individually Driven: 2 FLENDER MOTEX 7.5 kW Gearboxes

7 Roll Flattener
325mm Diameter Rolls
2 Sets Coil Side Guides

Coil Joining Station
Movable Carriage
3 Way Clamping System
Hypertherm HT2000LHF Plasma Cutter
Lincoln DC/AC 1000SD Powerwave System: Welds 2 Coils together
Lincoln TC3 Welding Carriage

Pre and Post EMM Side Guides

Byard 2000/37 Edge Milling Machine
Designed to Mill up to 25mm from each side
EMM Heads use Negative Milling Technology
Fast Change
Diameter of Heads: 460mm with 24mm Insert Holders
Carbide Tip Milling Cutter Heads
2 L/H and 2 R/H Milling Cutter Heads
Drive Motors: 37 kW Siemens/Flender Motors and GATES GT2 High Torque
Mayfran Conveyor System
HIWIN HGW 55 Linear Bearings: Position Heads

Main Drive
Rollers: 600mm Diameter
SKF/TIMKEN Spherical Roller Bearings
2 Independent Main Drive Gearboxes
(2) 37 kW AC Motor
63A VF Digital Drives

Prebending Station

Infeed Strip Guides

Byard 3000 Pipe Formation Station
Formation Rollers with Motorized Adjustments
Hydraulic Sliding Formation Base

Invert Roller
Controlled & Positioned with Small Remote Joystick

Weld Point
Always in same position, directly above Pivot Point

Internal & External Welding Systems
Lincoln Powerwave DC/AC 1000SD Systems - 4 Sets
Urhan Schwill Weld Position Controls (2)
X-Y-Z Positions
Meta-Vision Byard ID OD Laser Seam Tracking
Flux Management & Recovery System
Gap Control

Pressure Feed Flux System 2XMM 5000X
Heated Flux Hoppers
Flux Recovery System

Byard 3000 Gate Section
OD Welding & Access Platform

Meta Laser Guided OD Weld Tracking

Scan Master Ultrasonic Tester

Pay Off Table

2 Torch Cut-Off System
Beveling & Flat Cut
Hypertherm HT2000LHF Plasma Straight Cut
Hypertherm HPR260HD Plasma Bevel Cut
Linear Bearing Sliding Base

Byard Pipe Accelerator

Byard 3000 Pipe Removal System

Hydraulic Power Systems

Allen Bradley Versa View 1550M Digital Readouts

Off Line Peeler / Coil Opener System

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