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L & M M#15 HIGH SPEED POINTER   Our stock number: 114287

M4-M24 Bolt Diameter
250mm Bolt Length
300 Pieces per Minute
Range: M4 TO M24 dia. w/ lengths under the head of up to 250mm

Rate: 300 parts/minute maximum.

Forged heavy duty spindle assembly with class 7 bearings.
71/2 hp inverter duty spindle drive. Spindle RPM 6500 Max.
Power elevated cutting head assembly allows "on the fly" length adjustment.
High speed high powered cutting process requires no coolant. Parts remain cool

and all heat is carried away with the chips. Machine and work area stay

Unique chip evacuation assures complete separation of chips and parts.
Heavy duty cutting head with off the shelf carbide inserts up to 1" IC.
Fully adjustable hardened feed rails with quick release handles and wrenches

Machine cutting stroke accuracy of 0.05mm
No cams, gears or chains assures simplicity and reliability.
One machine covers a range that requires multiple models from competitors.
Unbeatable combination of high speed, range, and heavy duty stock removal.
Premium cast iron machine base, center, and top sections.
52100 alloy steel guide tubes, chrome plated for wear resistance and precision

ground for extreme accuracy.
Heat treated alloy and tool steel machine components.
Air oiler, pressure regulator, and low air pressure shutoff circuit.

Cone and radius pointing.
Combined diameter cutting, pointing, bottom shaving and end drilling.
Air Requirements: 90 PSI constant air pressure.

Machine Envelope: 2m x 3m x 3m Machine weight = 1300 kg.
Feeding equipment to be quoted separately.

7 1/2 HP AC Motor and Controls
Weight 5000 Lbs

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