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16" (406mm) Nickel Plating Line   Our stock number: 114291

16 (406mm) Nickel Plating Line

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16 (406mm) Nickel Plating Line

16" (406mm) Nickel Plating Line

Application - Narrow Strip Plating Line
Year Installed - 2017
Base Material - Double-sided nickel electroplate carbon steel strip up to

16.00" wide
Material Thickness -.003" to .050"
Strip Alignment - Vertical
Speed - Up to 18m/min
Finish - non-brightened Ni Plate
Nominal Ni layer thickness 10-235 micro inches one side with differential

thickness on opposite side
Plating cells - 8
Contact rolls - 20
Pumps - 20
Rectifiers - 20
Rectifier degreasing tank - 1

Copper busbar
Air Blower
One (1) Decoiler
Two (2) Recoilers
Two (2) Accumulators including rolls
Fume exhaust, scrubber
Deflector rolls - 8
Guide rolls
Filters - 5
Electrical equipment, control box
Waste water treatment plant, Recovery tanks
Emergency Wash Stations
Duel Entry Payoff with welder
1,400 AMPS for 480V/60hz

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