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Pyromaitre Pyro-128HE Conveyor Oven   Our stock number: 114780

Pyromaitre Pyro-128HE Conveyor Oven

Temperature Control - Digital
600F 704 Lbs/hr
700F 930 Lbs/hr
800F 450 Lbs/hr
Max. Temperature - 1000F
Power - 39 Kw
Belt Type - Steel Mesh
Blower Motors (2) 2 hp
Belt Width: 12"
Belt Type: Wire Mesh
Heating Length: 8'
Entry Opening 4" Tall
Total Belt Length: 23'
Machine is 128" Long X 28" Wide X 60" High
Weight 3000 lbs.

Equipped with:

Clamshell Type
480 VAC, 36 KW

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