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25 TON KALMAR FORKLIFT / COIL LIFT TRUCK   Our stock number: 114899

Model: DCD250-12LB
Kalmar Forklift Truck, Low Built

Wheelbase 4,250 mm
Capacity: 25,000 Kgs. Capacity @ 1,200 mm Load Center
Engine: Volvo Engine, Model TWD731VE, Tier I
6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine
234 Horsepower @ 2300 Rpm
Transmission: Dana (Clark-Hurth) 32000 Series Powershift Transmission
3 Speeds Forward - 3 Speeds Reverse
Directional Lockout Protection - Forward / Reverse
Kalmar Automatic Gearshift
Drive Axle: Kessler Heavy Duty Drive Axle
Wheel Hub Reduction
Service Brake: Maintenance Free Oil Cooled Wet Disc Brakes
Parking Brake: Spring Actuated Dry Disc on Drive Line
Steering Axle: Kalmar Design - Heavy Duty

Single Steer Cylinder - Double Action
Tires: Front: Dual 14.00 x 24 Pneumatic tires
Rear: 14.00 x 24 Pneumatic tires
Cab: Complete Standard Spirit Delta Cab with all Instrumentation
Internal height = 1,500 mm / 60''
Warning Lamps: Battery Charging, Blinkers, High / Low Beam,
Preheating, Parking Brake, Low Brake Pressure
Low Oil Pressure
Low Coolant Level
High Coolant Temperature
Low Oil Pressure
High Oil Temperature
Gauges: Hour Gauge, Fuel Level, Engine Coolant
Temperature, and
Transmission Oil Pressure, and voltmeter
Door Locks
Two (2) Ergonomically Positioned, Multi-function levers on Steer
- Windshield Wipers, Windshield Washers, Blinkers and Horn
Mechanical Suspension, 6-way Adjustable, Cloth Drivers Seat
Three (3) Speed Fan, Cab Heater / Defroster
Sliding Windows in both Left and Right Doors
Tinted Glass
Interval Windshield wiper with washer on Front Windshield
Cab: Standard Windshield Wipers with washers on Roof and Rear Pane
One (1) internal rear view mirror
Corner Posts in Cab
Electrical: 24-Volt Electrical System
All Fuses, Relays, and Connectors are Located within an Easily
Accessible Position Inside the Cab (Behind the Drivers Seat)
Standard Lights for Chassis, Cab and Mast
Two (2) Working Lights on Mast
Two (2) Rear Lights on Cab Roof, Backwards Direction
Two (2) Working Lights, on Counterweight, Backwards Direction
Two (2) Head Lights, Mounted on Front Mudguard
High / Low Beam
Two (2) Tail / Brake Lights, mounted on Counterweight
Four (4) Blinkers
Two (2) mounted on Front Mudguards
Two (2) mounted on Counterweight
Position Lights, 2 Pcs. on each side of Cab
All Internal Lighting
Rotating Beacon, Mounted on Cab roof
Reverse Alarm
Hydraulic System: Two (2) Pump System, One Double Gear Wheel Type Pump for

Tilt, Lift,
and Working Hydraulic Functions, One Single Gear Wheel Type Pump
for the Brake and Servo System.

Four (4) Hydraulic Functions with Hoses, Valve Groups, and Pilot
Operator Control Levers

Mast: Two-Stage Mast with hrough Vision' Design
Maximum Lift Height, Forks = 4,500 mm
Mast Height, Fully Extended = 5,820 mm
Mast Height, Lowered = 3,570 mm
Tilt Angles: 5o Forward / 10o Backward
Carriage: Roller-type carriage with side-shift and Simultaneous fork-

Side-shift = + / - 150 mm with forks at center to center: 2,050

Width = 2,900 mm
Forks: One set of standard forks with hook-type fork-shaft mountings

Dimensions = 300*110*2400 mm

Coil Ram: Hook-mounted coil ram
Diameter = 300 mm
Length = 1,500 mm

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