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84" x 0.375" x 50,000# Paxson Cut to Length Line   Our stock number: 113246

Line Specifications:

Material: Hot Rolled, HR P&O, Cold Rolled, Aluminum and Stainless
Coil Weight: 50,000 Lb
Coil Width: 12" - 72"
Material Thickness: 0.030" - 0.375"
Coil ID: 20" - 30"
Sheet Length: 240" w/Backstop, 480" Without
Line Direction: Left to Right

Consisting of:

-Entry Coil Car:
Above Floor Design
Self Contained Hydraulics

4 Leaf Pumpkin Tooth Design
Hydraulic Expansion
20 - 24" ID, Pads for 30"
Hydraulic Sliding Base
Attached powered Holddown
Wichita Water Cooled Brake
AC Gearmotor Threading Drive

-Peeler Table:
Hydraulic Actuated
Edge Guide Unit

-Heavy Gauge Leveler:
Hydraulic Edge Guides
Entry Driven Pinch Rolls, 10" Dia.
11 Work Rolls, 5 over 6
4" Dia x 90" Face Width
6 Flights of Backup Rolls
274 HP DC Motor, 1825 RPM

-Crop Shear:
Mechanical Screwjack Downcut Design

-Light Gauge Leveler:
17 Work Rolls
2" Dia x 90" Face Width
9 Flights of Back Ups, 7 Flights Motorized
150 HP DC Motor, 1050 RPM, 240 V
Leveler Traverses In & Out of Line

-Entry and Exit Pit Conveyors:
Hydraulic Cylinder Lift
Non Marking Rolls

-Roll Feed Unit:
Dual Roll Design
Entry Side Guides
DC Drive

-Mechanical Shear:
Capacity: 84" x 0.375"
Bow Tie Top Blade
Powered Blade Gap Adjustment
Entry Hydraulic Pinch Rolls
AC Motor Drive

-Drop Stacker:
20' Bomb Bay Design
Powered Width Adjustment
Powered Backstop Adjustment
Powered Roller Conveyor
End Discharge

-Hydraulic Power Unit

-Line is installed, but not under power.

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