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Please select a type of equipment from the list below. If you need help finding the appropriate equipment category you may enter a search term (such as "lathe" or "weld") in the box and click the SEARCH button. A term such as "coil" is better than "coiler" because it will also pick up "coiling". You may use several words combining machine types and manufacturer if you like. Results will be sorted in order of the number of terms that matched.

For the manufacturer search, use a single word; for example, "tome" will match "Nakamura Tome" and "warner" will match "Warner & Swasey".

Search term:    

Complete Plants

Air Blowing, Heating, Cooling, Filtration

Chemical Processing
  Filtration & Separation      Heating, Cooling, Chillers      Chemical Process (nec)     

Compressors, Air & Gas

  General      Air, Electric, Lighting, Heating      Cranes & Rigging     
  Material Handling      Pumps, Waterjets, Washers      Saws, Cutting Equipment     
  Steelworking, Riveting, Welding     

Electrical Power
  Generators, Motors, MG Sets     

Electronic Equipment

Environmental Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Material Handling
  Banding Machinery      Conveying, Stacking, Lifting      Cranes, Hoists     
  Lift Trucks, Carts     

  Assembly & Fastening      Bar & Screw Machines      Bending Machines     
  Brakes & Folding      Can & Cap      Cleaning, Painting, Plating, Finishing     
  CNC Equipment (all types)      Coil Processing & Handling      Corrugated & Sheet Metal     
  Drawbenches      Drilling & Tapping      Fastener Eqpt (Bolt, Nut, Headers)     
  Forging, Swaging, Pointing      Foundry, Casting      Furnaces, Ovens, Heat Treating     
  Grinding      Honing & Lapping      Lasers     
  Lathes, Chuckers, Turning Centers      Milling (incl Jig Mills)      Parts, Controls, Tooling     
  Presses & Press Accessories      Punching & Shearing      Rolling Mills & Roll Forming     
  Saws, Waterjets, Flame Cutting, Cutoffs      Slitters, Slitting Lines      Stock Feeding (except coil)     
  Straightening, Leveling, Balancing      Tooling & Accessories      Tube & Pipe     
  Welding      Wire     


Recycling, Scrap & Waste

Testing, Inspection, Measurement

  Dust & Waste Management      Routers     

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